All 10 races completed
1. Paul Jackson
2. Doug Kirk
3. Mike Cathey
4. Jim Putich
5. Beau Rarig
6. Brent Edinger
7. Kirk Maupin
8. John Olson
9. Jeff Snell
10. Dane Carlson

2017 High Points Champion
Paul Jackson

Apple Cup Champion
Kirk Maupin

2018 R/C Model Boat Show

The 2018 Roger Newton Memorial model boat show will be held on Feb. 10th at the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum from 10-4, set up starts 9:30. Please bring a folding table and all of your model hydros for display.

2018 Class Addition

At the November 2017 board meeting, it was a unanimous decision to expand UNW to include 1/7th scale electric unlimiteds. These boats will run under the same rules and regulations as ESU, with the execption of the overlap rule, and striking a buoy rule. In regards to these two rules, the UNW rules will be followed. *Note: this will only be the case if it is a UNW points race only. This does not apply to those racing in a ESU points race

1/8th Scale Electrics

The Board unanimously voted to include 1/8th scale electrics in the UNW schedule. The electrics will run in much the same vein as the 1/6th scale gas boats in that if enough show up, we will run the heats. We will not be doing registrations, tracking points or have trophy plaques at this point. David Newton has agreed to be an advisor to the UNW Board regarding the class.

The electrics will adhere to all general UNW racing rules in that the boats must have a safety inspection before competing (or if they have had a collision, radio issues or run up on the beach), driver's must have current NAMBA insurance. All UNW specifications regarding scale dimensions, paint and graphics, configuration of hulls (Canard designs are not allowed in UNW competition in any class), driver's changes and entry fees must be adhered to. All racing rules such as right of way, roostertail length to make a pass, penalties, infractions and sportsmanship shall remain in place. Boats must be on a plane at the 30 second to the start mark, and shall maintain forward momentum throughout the remainder of the heat. Boats that have stalled shall be considered DNF but may, when safe, move the boat out of the lanes of competition.

Both NAMBA and RCU spec. boats may compete.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a board member for more information