Race 7 of 10
1. John Hruby
2. Adam Putich
3. Paul Jackson
4. Jim Putich
5. Doug Kirk
6. Mike Cathey
7. Gene Gager
8. Brent Edinger
9. Kerry Case
10. Beau Rarig

Crystal Cup Race Winner
Adam Putich

Crystal Cup

Thanks to Paul Jackson and Joey Caines for directing the 2014 Crystal Cup in Chehalis WA. 15 boats competed for the Crystal Cup.

Jim Putich with the 2012 Spirit of Qatar won the consolation race and moved up as the 6th boat in the final heat. Joining Jim in the final heat was his son Adam Putich in the Beacon Plumbing, Ron Cole with the Natural Light, Jeff Snell with the AA Auto Parts, Paul Jackson with his Olympia Beer, Gene Gager with the Notre Dame and Mike Cathey with the American Speedy Printing.

Congratulations to Adam Putich on a perfect day of winning all his heats including the final as the 2014 Crystal Cup champion.

A special thanks to the Electric Scale Unlimited Club for providing a terrific barbecue for all the racers including the Pacific NW Thunderboat Association.

Molson Thunderfest

Greg Roth held the 2014 Molsen Thunderfest at Lake Tye in Monroe with 14 contestants. Jim Putich brought out his 2003 Miss Budweiser for the first time this year and put it in the final heat by winning the consolation race.

The final heat contestants along with Jim were the Northwest Tank with Kerry Case, Notre Dame with Doug Kirk, Spirit of Dayton Walther with Beau Rarig, Beacon Plumbing with Adam Putich, and Circus Circus with John Hruby.

Notre Dame held the lead at the start and the Beacon Plumbing passed on the inside lane and held off all challengers to win his first race of the 2014 season. Congratulations to Adam Putich in the Beacon Plumbing for winning the 2014 Molsen Thunderfest race.

Silver Cup Race

The 2014 Silver Cup was held on Lake Tie in Monroe and was sponsored by Kerry Case. 15 boats entered the race under blue skies.

After the preliminary heats were completed, 6 boats entered the consolation race with Rick Backus in the Squire Shop prevailing over the completion and rough water to take the consolation trophy and move up to the final heat as the sixth boat. The final heat had the Squire Shop (Rick Backus) 1969 Notre Dame (Dave Ono) Miss KISW Rock (John Reifel) Miss Circus Circus (John Hruby) 1972 Notre Dame (Doug Kirk) and the 1970 Pride of Pay n Pak (Paul Jackson).

John Hruby had a lane two start and moved around the 72 Notre Dame on the inside lane and held the lead for 5 laps battling the rough water to win the 2014 Silver Cup race final heat.

Seafair Race

15 boats turned out for the Seafair race and Paul Jackson with the 1970 Pride of Pay N Pak held on to win his first race of the 2014 season. Mike Cathey with the Blue American Speedy Printing was the consolation race winner. Congratulations to all the participants and Jim & Adam Putich for sponsoring the race.

Glen Ono Memorial

Congratulations to John Hruby for winning the 13th annual Glen Ono Memorial Trophy. John had a perfect day winning his second race this year. Gene Gager won the Consolation Race moving him into the final Heat.

UNW would like to thank race sponsors Dave Ono, & Gene Gager for a terrific Barbeque with lots to eat!

The Atomic Cup

UNW second race of the year was held in Ellensburg Washington. The final Heat had AA Auto with Jeff Snell, Jim Putich in the 2012 Qatar, Adam Putich in the Beacon Plumbing, John Hruby in the Circus Circus, Kirk Maupin with the Squire, and John Olson as the Winner of the Consolation race moving up to be the sixth boat in the final heat.
Kirk Maupin, came from behind and passed Adam Putich on the outside on lap two to take the 2014 Atomic Cup Final heat. Congratulations to Kirk Maupin on a terrific race.
Next Race will be May 10th in Marysville.

Atomic Cup this weekend

Geoffry Grembowski from R/CU sent a message regarding the Atomic Cup racing this weekend. I have posted his message in the General Information & Messages Forum

Thunder on the Pond Results

First race of the 2014 UNW season has concluded with John Hruby with his Circus Circus winning after Adam Putich driving The Beacon Plumbing jumped the gun.
Congratulations to Mike Cathey and his rebuilt Blue American Speedy Printing for running away from the field and winning the Consolation Race.

The heat summary is available on the Points page with the high points summary to come following the next race.

Next race will be April 26th in Ellensburg racing with RCU for a full weekend of racing.

NAMBA Application

The 2014 NAMBA application is available on the Downloads page. Please remember that you must have your 2014 NAMBA card before you can race in UNW. If you are new to the club and have any questions, please contact any UNW Board Member. They would be glad to assist.