All 11 Races Completed
1. Jeff Snell
2. Gene Gager
3. Mike Cathey
4. John Reifel
5. Adam Putich
6. Brent Edinger
7. Jim Putich
8. Dave Ono
9. Joey Caines
10. Doug Kirk

2015 High Points Champion
Jeff Snell

2016 UNW Racing Schedule

It's now finalized and you can see it on the "Schedule" page and download it off the "Downloads" page

Tentative 2016 Schedule

Mike Cathey has passed along the tentative 2016 Racing schedule. You can get a look at it here. We are still waiting to see if sponsorship can be secured to also include RCU at Lake Silverado in Chehalis. If so, there will be 1/8th scale nitro and electric racing on Sunday the 26th. Hopefully this will work out to make a great 2 day event at one of, if not the best venue we have. Stay tuned for details.

File Updates

Doug Kirk has updated the Master Hull Roster and also the 2016 Boat Registration files. Go to the Downloads Page to view or download. Also the 2016 Boat Registrations are now open. Boats need to be registered by Feb 28th, 2016.

Emerald Cup Race

The Emerald Cup was held at Lake Tye in Monroe and a field of 13 boats came out for the last race of the UNW 2015 season and the season high points championship between Gene Gager, Jeff Snell, and Mike Cathey. All the preliminary heats had some great racing on the calm waters of Lake Tye. When the prelims were complete the consolation race had Joey Caines-Miss Houston, Greg Voelker-Captran Resorts, Mike Cathey-American Speedy Printing, and Dave Ono-Notre Dame. Mike Cathey ran away with the consolation heat to win and move up to the final heat.

The final heat had Mike Cathey-(ASP), Gene Gager-Notre Dame, Jeff Snell-AA Auto parts, Paul Jackson-Pete's Wicked Ale, and Kirk Maupin-Squire shop. As the final heat started, Jeff Snell held the inside lane and came out of the first turn in the lead and held the lead throughout the final heat to capture the Emerald cup and secure the UNW season high point championship. Pete's Wicked Ale finished second, Squire finishing 3rd, and the Notre Dame & American Speedy Printing both DNF.

Congratulations to Jeff Snell for a great season with the AA Auto parts!

Doug Kirk

Apple Cup Race

The Apple cup sponsored by Mike Cathey was held at Marysville Twin Lakes and 20 boats filled the field along with 5 Gas scale boats. The preliminary heats were very competitive with some fast heat racing.

In the consolation race the competitors were Doug Kirk Notre Dame, Kirk Maupin Miss Esquire, Adam Putich Beacon Plumbing, Gene Gager Miss Burien, John Reifel Miss Rock, and Mike Cathey with American Speedy Printing.

The Miss Esquire lead the race and never looked back taking the consolation race and moving up to be the 6th boat in the final winner take all heat joining John Hruby Miss Circus Circus, Paul Jackson Pete's Wicked Ale, Jim Putich Spirit of Qatar, Jeff Snell AA Auto Parts, and Lee Robertson Squire Shop. As the race began the Circus Circus and the Esquire came out of the first turn in the lead but the Circus hit the roostertail of the Esquire and flipped ending his day. The squire shop ran over the cowl of the Circus Circus kicking the rudder up and ending his day as well. Miss Esquire all of the sudden went dead in the water and Paul Jackson passed the dead Miss Esquire and went on to win his first race with the Pete's Wicked Ale.

Congratulations to Paul Jackson with the brand new Pete's Wicked Ale.

The high points battle is really heating up with one race left to go Jeff Snell holds a 419 point lead over Mike Cathey and 1150 points back is Gene Gager. The championship for 2015 will all come down to the Emerald Cup at Lake Tye in Monroe September 19th

Diamond Cup Race

Diamond Cup 2015 was held at Marysville on the North pond with some good battles in preliminary heats. The consolation race was a race by attrition as only Joey Caines with the Renault answered the call to be the only boat to start and finish the consolation heat. Congratulations Joey on a good day of racing.

The final field of boats were Mike Cathey with the Blue Speedy Printing, Gene Gager and the 1964 Notre Dame, Jeff Snell and the AA Autoparts, and Kyle Osterle making his debut in the final heat with the 2003 Miss Budweiser. As the starting clock counted down all boats were lined up with Gene and the Notre Dame on the inside lane. At the apex of the first turn, the Speedy Printing was screened off by rooster tails and rolled the boat. Now three boats ran up the back stretch and the AA Autoparts pulled out on lane two to over take the Notre Dame and went on to win the Diamond Cup. Notre Dame was second and the Miss Budweiser with Kyle got his first finish in the final heat for third place.

Congratulations Jeff Snell for a big win in the Diamond Cup.

Next race is the Apple Cup which will be a shared race with RCU again at Marysville September 12th

Doug Kirk

Gold Cup

The Gold Cup was held at Twin Lakes in Marysville, WA on the North lake under sunny skies and hot temperatures.

Great racing duels during preliminary heats with some very impressive speeds for the 1/8th scale hydro's. When all the preliminary heats were completed, the consolation race had 3 boats enter. Beau Rarig with the Circus Circus, Greg Voelker with the Captran Resorts, and Joey Caines with the Miss Renault, with the winner moving up to the final heat. As the heat started all boats failed to finish which left a four boat final heat including Mike Cathey with the Speedy Printing, Jeff Snell with the AA Auto parts, Marty Shallenberger with the 1990 Oh Boy Oberto and Gene Gager with the 1964 Notre Dame.

As the boats came to the starting line all boats were together and coming out of the first turn Gene had the Notre Dame in Lane one, Mike Cathey with the Speedy Printing in Lane two and Jeff Snell with the AA Auto parts in Lane Three with the Oberto right behind. The front three boats were so close together going up the back stretch you couldn't tell who was in the lead. Coming out of turn four the Notre Dame with great lane advantage went on to hold off the field and win his first Gold Cup. Speedy Printing in second place followed very closely by the AA Auto Parts and Marty with the Oh Boy Oberto finishing in fourth.

Congratulations to Gene Gager with a hard earned Gold Cup win and champion.

Doug Kirk

Gold Cup returns to North Lake Marysville

July 18th will mark a return of club racing to the north lake at Marysville. The UNW Diamond Cup will also run on August 15th. It has been several years since there has been any racing on the north lake aside from the nats. This is kind of an experiment by Snohomish County to see about returning on a permanent basis. I think everyone would favor this for a couple of reasons. First and foremost it would take us out of conflict with the fisherman. This has been a problem right from the start in the south lake. We will also be able to set larger courses with some run off room in the turns. Jim Hagan has been working with the county on this and he deserves a lot of credit for all he does to get the schedule set up and dealing with issues the county may have. This is probably a good time to note that the county considers us to good stewards of the sites so we need to make sure that we continue to leave the sites cleaner than we found them (they also appreciate that we haul our trash out, instead of overwhelming their trash cans).

We also will return to the old vehicle access policy. Only 2 vehicles at a time (not including the club trailer and it's tow vehicle). There will be some fluorescent orange batons hanging on the gate chain. Unless you have a baton you don't go down. The other thing that makes this work is for racers to go down to the pit area, unload their stuff and leave to make room for the next guy. Conversely, at the race conclusion, please don't bring your vehicle down until all your gear is packed and then load and get going.

The UNW Gold Cup has returned to the traditional July date, one week before the big boats race in Tri Cities. This year we are hoping for a good turnout. This year we will also be racing 1/8th scale electrics and Gas Scale. My understanding is that there are several new Gas Scale that are going to debut at this race. We will also be having a hot dog lunch for racers and their guests.

Good Racin', Mike

Silver Cup Race

The 2015 Silver Cup race was held at Lake Tye in Monroe under sunny skies and great racing water, several spectators watched a field of 13 boats race for the Silver Cup. 4 preliminary rounds were completed with some good racing action. The consolation race had five boats racing for the chance to get into the final heat. Brent Edinger with the Pride of Pay N Pak, Adam Putich with the Beacon Plumbing, John Reifel with the Miss Rock, Joey Caines with the Miss Renault and Doug Kirk with the Notre Dame.
After a tough battle, Adam Flipped the Beacon Plumbing, Joey Caines went dead in the back stretch, Brent Edinger rolled the Pay N Pak, that left John Reifel and Doug Kirk to battle out the race with John Reifel taking the inside lane and getting the win to move up to the final heat.

The final winner take all heat had John Reifel with the Miss Rock, John Hruby with the Spirit of Dayton Walther, Jeff Snell with the AA Auto Parts, Dave Ono with the Notre Dame, and Mike Cathey with the American Speedy printing.
Coming down for the start of the heat, the Dayton Walther captured the inside lane with the American Speedy printing next, Miss Rock in lane three, AA Auto Parts on the outside. The Notre Dame went dead in the turn before the start. Hitting the starting line Jeff Snell flew the AA Auto parts on the outside and beat everyone to the first turn as the rest of the boats came up through the first turn the AA Auto Parts went dead in the back stretch and the Dayton Walther began to walk away from the field. The rock was able to pass the Speedy printing and trailed the Dayton Walther. On lap 4 the Dayton Walther began to slow down and the Miss Rock began to move up and eventually passed on the back stretch and went on to win the Silver Cup.

Congratulations to John Reifel who won the consolation and final heat of the Silver Cup.

Next race is Scheduled for June 13 at Lake Tye in Monroe.

Seafair Race

The 2015 Seafair race was held at Twin lakes in Marysville and had 12 boats filling the field. After the preliminary heats were completed the consolation race was held with Kyle Osterle in his newly purchased 2003 Miss Budweiser, Adam Putich with the Beacon Plumbing, John Reifel with the KISW miss Rock, Joey caines with the new Miss Renault, and Brent Edinger with the 1971 Pride of Pay N Pak.
As The boats hit the starting line Adam held the inside lane and led wire to wire to capture the consolation race and move up to the final field of boats.

The final heat had Adam with the Beacon Plumbing, Jeff Snell with the AA Auto Parts, Lee Robertson with the 1985 Squire Shop, Rick Backus with the Tide and John Hruby making his first appearance of the year with the 1978 Miss Circus Circus. As the boats were coming out of the turn of the mill to the start, the Circus Circus went dead in the water, the Squire shop directly behind the Circus Circus hit the back of the Circus Circus causing both boats to lay dead in the water with cowlings and debris littering the right hand turn. As the boats hit the line Adam Putich with Beacon Plumbing held the inside lane and would not be denied as he captured the 2015 Seafair trophy race.

Congratulations to Adam Putich for completing both the consolation and final victory.

Next race will be the Silver Cup on May 30th at Lake Tye in Monroe.

Jack Carson

It is my sad duty to inform the club that past UNW President and Treasurer Jack Carson passed away April 11th. Jack had been battling a lot of health problems the last few years that finally forced him to give up racing and he eventually succumbed to. Jack was a wonderful person and great sportsman as well a guy who did a lot of service to the club. He just loved everything about those scale model boats. I shall miss him a lot.

Vaya con Dios Jack

There will be a graveside memorial at Washelli's in north Seattle at 1pm on April 25th

Mike Cathey

Atomic Cup Results

UNW joined the Electric Scale Unlimiteds for a full day of racing at Twin Lakes in Marysville. UNW had a field of 10 boats with good heat action for the preliminary heats. As the weather held off for the most part, then hail and rain storms came in towards the end of the day. To move things along, the consolation race was cancelled.

The final heat was set with Gene Gager with the Notre Dame, Mike Cathey with the Blue Speedy Printing, Kerry Case with the U-76, Adam Putich with the Beacon Plumbing, and Jim Putich with the Spirit of Qatar.

Kerry case became the first casualty as his starter belt broke preventing the U-76 from entering the heat. Mike Cathey with the Speedy Printing went dead in the water scoring up for the start. Jim Putich with the Spirit of Qatar broke a pipe coupler at the start and moved into the in-field. That left Adam and Gene to battle out the final heat. Going into the first turn Adam hit the apex bouy exploding it into pieces and had a one lap penalty. Gene followed Adam cruising the course as Adam went all out to make up the extra lap. Going into North turn of lap 3 Adam flipped the Beacon plumbing in the wind and fell dead in the water and Gene picked up the Atomic Cup win with the endurance of the Notre Dame.

Congratulations to Gene Gager the 2015 Atomic Cup champion.

Thunder on the Pond Results

The 2015 UNW season started out with the running of the Thunder on the Pond and with wonderful weather. The boat field of12 boats vying for the trophy for the first race of the season. The preliminary heats were very competitive with drivers not missing a beat from the layoff from the 2014 season.

After all the preliminary heats were completed the consolation race had Dave Ono with the 1969 Notre Dame, Mike Cathey with the Blue American Speedy Printing, Gene Gager with the 1964 Notre Dame and Lee Robertson with the 1985 Squire Shop. Lee was able to get a great start with the Squire Shop and lead wire to wire to capture the consolation heat and move up to the final heat joining Rick Backus with the 1992 Tide, Jim Putich with the 2012 Spirit of Qatar, John Reifel with the 1983 KISW Miss Rock, Doug Kirk with the 1972 Notre Dame and Adam Putich with the 2007 Beacon Plumbing.

Before the start of the final heat the Spirit of Qatar went dead in the first turn in lane 4 which made navigating interesting. As the clock counted down Adam held lane 1 Notre Dame lane 2 Lee Roberson lane 3, John Reifel lane 4 and Rick Backus on the outside. Adam and Doug battled for 3 laps and both went dead in different spots. Lee with the Squire Shop maintained 3 place and moved to first when the two leaders dropped off. Lee held on to win the first race of the season followed by John Reifel in second place as the only finishers of the final heat.

Congratulations to Lee Robertson for taking both the consolation and final heat win!

Let's Go Racing!

First race of the 2015 season will be Thunder on the Pond located at Twin Lakes in Marysville Scheduled on Saturday April 4th . Please make sure you bring your 2015 NAMBA insurance card with you and look forward to kicking off the new season!

Glow Plugs

Glow Plug prices remain the same this year. McCoy MC-8, MC-9 and MC-59 sheets of 12 are $50. Full sheets only.
Make your check or Money Order payable to:
Mike Cathey
18483 47th Place NE
Lake Forest Park, WA. 98155

Cut off for receiving payment is Feb. 28th.

Fuel Buy

Kirk Maupin will be taking fuel orders again for Redmax Fuel until February 15th. 60% - $32, 55% - $30, 50% - $28. Pickup will be February 28th, 9:00 at RnR Automotive refinishing. 1408 130th Ave NE Bellevue.

Send checks to:
Kirk Maupin.
30 212th st SW
Bothell WA 98021

NAMBA Application

The 2015 NAMBA Membership Application/Insurance form is now available on the "Downloads" page

2015 Boat Registrations

Registrations are open for the new 2015 season. Please review the registration boat list and mail in your registration by February 28th to keep your registration current. Go to the "Downloads" page and click on the link "2014 Boat Registration Status"

The "Downloads" page also has a link for the boats available for the 2015 UNW Boat Draw. You will also find the updated Master Hull Roster

2015 Schedule

The tentative 2015 schedule is now posted. Note: you can now click on the image at the top right on each race page and a Google Maps link will open in a new window so you can get directions to the race site.

1/8th Scale Electrics

The Board unanimously voted to include 1/8th scale electrics in the UNW schedule. The electrics will run in much the same vein as the 1/6th scale gas boats in that if enough show up, we will run the heats. We will not be doing registrations, tracking points or have trophy plaques at this point. David Newton has agreed to be an advisor to the UNW Board regarding the class.

The electrics will adhere to all general UNW racing rules in that the boats must have a safety inspection before competing (or if they have had a collision, radio issues or run up on the beach), driver's must have current NAMBA insurance. All UNW specifications regarding scale dimensions, paint and graphics, configuration of hulls (Canard designs are not allowed in UNW competition in any class), driver's changes and entry fees must be adhered to. All racing rules such as right of way, roostertail length to make a pass, penalties, infractions and sportsmanship shall remain in place. Boats must be on a plane at the 30 second to the start mark, and shall maintain forward momentum throughout the remainder of the heat. Boats that have stalled shall be considered DNF but may, when safe, move the boat out of the lanes of competition.

Both NAMBA and RCU spec. boats may compete.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a board member for more information