What is Unlimiteds Northwest

Unlimiteds Northwest is a model boat club located in the Pacific Northwest and dedicated to the friendly competition of 1/8th scale Unlimited Hydroplanes. As our motto below suggests, we like to focus on sportsmanship, competition and fellowship. Most of the members have been fans of the full size APBA Hydroplane class since they were kids. Our club is affiliated with the North American Model Boat Association, (NAMBA). We are governed by a board of five commissioners.

Unlimiteds Northwest was established in 1986 by a group of modelers in the Western Washington area. Almost all of the original group had began racing 1/8th scale Unlimiteds in R/C Unlimiteds, a club established in 1974 by Roger Newton of Renton, Washington. R/CU became so popular that 50-60 boats were being entered in every race. With that many boats they had to reduce the number of laps just to complete the event in a timely manner. The original UNW group thought that they would do some things differently in terms of race format and race site selection. One of the marked differences between the two clubs is that UNW events span only a single day, with race days on Saturdays rather than Sundays. It was also thought that to minimize travel by confining the race sites to Western Washington.

Many of the racers were also seeing that very few of the older roundnose design boats were able to compete with their pickle fork cousins. It was decided to run the older designs in their own separate competition known as Classic Roundnose.

There were only seven races for the first couple of years and as the club began to grow it has expanded the schedule to thirteen events for the 2003 season with the addition of one more event for the upcoming season.

We have many members who provide their various talents to building or painting boats, supplying fake engines and drivers, ect. We have many professional machinists in our ranks that provide some of the hardware as well as guys who build blueprinted engines. We encourage new members to develop a skill if they do not already have one.

Most of all, we just want to have fun