All 10 races completed
1. Paul Jackson
2. Doug Kirk
3. Mike Cathey
4. Jim Putich
5. Beau Rarig
6. Brent Edinger
7. Kirk Maupin
8. John Olson
9. Jeff Snell
10. Dane Carlson

2017 High Points Champion
Paul Jackson

Apple Cup Champion
Kirk Maupin

Apple Cup Race

The Apple Cup was held at Twin Lakes as the last UNW race for the 2017 season. The season highpoint battle between Paul Jackson and Mike Cathey came down to this race. 20 1/8th scale hydro's came out to battle for the Apple cup and the preliminary heats had some very good battles. The second consolation race was won by Ron Cole with his 1984 Atlas Van Lines. The first Consolation had a full six boat field with Brent Edinger and the 1972 Pride of Pay N Pak winning this consolation race and moving up to the final heat which included: John Olson with "Freddie's Club", Paul Jackson "Pete's Wicked Ale", John Hruby "Circus Circus", Doug Kirk "Notre Dame", and Kirk Maupin "Miss Esquire".

The start was good with six boats crossing the line, The Miss Esquire took the lead out of the first turn, the Pride of Pay n Pak, rolled in the right turn and was out of the race, Pete's Wicked Ale and the Circus Circus tangled in the back stretch and both boats did not finish. Freddie's Club could not keep up with the Miss Esquire/Kirk Maupin lead wire to wire. Freddie's Club/John Olson came in second and Notre Dame/Doug Kirk third.

Congratulations to Kirk Maupin for winning the Apple Cup, and Paul Jackson accumulated enough points to be crowned as the 2017 UNW High Points Champion. Congratulations Paul!

Diamond Cup Race

Diamond cup held at Twin Lakes in Marysville saw the return of John Hruby with the Circus Circus along with Kirk Maupin, and Fred & John Olson. Brent Edinger debuted the brand new 1967 Miss Bardahl for testing. The field of 13 Nitro 1/8 scale hydros had some terrific preliminary heats with some very fast competition. After the preliminary heats concluded the consolation heat had Doug Kirk Notre Dame, John Olson Freddie's Club, Brent Edinger Pay n Pak, Jim Putich Qatar, and Fred Olson Spirit of Dayton Walther. John Olson took the lead with the Freddie's Club out of the first turn and held the lead to the finish, all other boats either flipped or went dead in the water.

With this consolation heat win John moved up to the final heat joining Jeff Snell AA Autoparts, Kirk Maupin Squire, Paul Jackson Pete's Wicked Ale, John Hruby Circus Circus, and Dave Ono Notre Dame. The final heat was a battle between the squire and the Circus Circus, while the Squire had the inside position the Circus Circus worked hard on the outside but could not move up to the Squire as the Freddie's Club had lost it's cowling the first turn and the Circus Circus had to navigate around it. Kirk Maupin held on to win the Diamond Cup with the Circus Circus finishing second, Freddie's Club third, Notre Dame fourth, AA Autoparts fifth, and Pete's Wicked Ale did not finish.
Congratulations to Kirk Maupin and the Squire winning the 2017 Diamond Cup.
The last race of the year will be the Apple Cup at Twin Lakes on September 9th with the RCU race on the 10th.

UNW Gold Cup Race

The UNW Gold Cup was held in Twin Lakes in Marysville with 8 Nitro1/8 Scale hydros and ESU came out with 7 Vintage electrics and 4 modern electrics. The vintage race was won by Jim McKeon with the Mavrick and Brother Terry McKeon won the modern class with the Miss Budweiser.

Dave Ono made his return to racing after months of recovery from Heart Surgery driving the Miss Rock which was great to have him back. The scale nitro race had 3 boats enter the consolation race with Dane Carlson and the Red Speedy Printing, Beau Rarig with the Tide, and Dave Ono with Miss Rock, Beau took the Tide to first place win and Dane Carlson came in Second place with Dave Ono unable to finish. Beau and the Tide moved up to the final heat aa a trailer boat.

The final heat had 6 boats with Doug Kirk with the Notre Dame, Jeff Snell with the AA Auto parts, Paul Jackson with the Pete's Wicked Ale, Mike Cathey with Blue Speedy Printing, Jim Putich with the Qatar and Beau Rarig with the Tide. As the boats were milling the AA Auto Parts went dead on the launch allowing the Tide to move up to the front line. As the race began 3 boats jumped the gun allowing the Notre Dame to take the lead and finished wire to wire. The Blue American Speedy printing finishing second place, Pete's Wicked Ale third place, Tide fourth place and the Qatar failed to finish.

Congratulations to Doug Kirk with the Notre Dame winning the 2017 Gold Cup.

Silver Cup Recap

The UNW Silver Cup was held at Lake Tye in Monroe with the ESU electric scale boats and had some fantastic racing. Some of the closest racing yet this year with leads changing many times and very close finishes.
For ESU the scale class the winner was Terry McKeon with the Miss Budwieser. For the nitro 1/8th scale it was Brent Edinger holding the inside lane at the start and never relinquished the lead as the 1972 Pride of Pay N Pak won wire to wire to capture the Silver Cup trophy. Congratulations to Brent Edinger with the Pride of Pay N Pak.

Molson Thunderfest

UNW held the 2017 Molson Thunderfest race at Monroe Lake Tye with a generous crowd that came out to view the racing. ESU scale Electrics came along with 6 scale electic boats that put on a great show with very close racing. For the Nitro 1/8th scale hydros competitors were few but some real close racing.
Four preliminary heats were completed and a final heat had the Pete's Wicked Ale with Paul Jackson, Mike Cathey with American Speedy Printing, Brent Edinger with the Pride of Pay N Pak, Doug Kirk Notre Dame, and Greg Voelker with the Captran Resorts. The final heat started with the Notre Dame on the inside, Pete's Wicked Ale lane two, American Speedy Printing, lane three Captran Resorts on the outside. The Notre Dame held the lead through the first lap and missed a buoy in the first turn receiving a one lap penalty which gave the lead to Pete's Wicked Ale and American Speedy Printing following closely in second place. Second lap the Notre Dame went dead and Paul Jackson went on to win the Molson Thunderfest race. Mike Cathey came in second. Doug Kirk and Greg Voelker did not finish.
Congratulations to Paul Jackson with the Pete's Wicked Ale on his 3rd straight race win!

Seafair Race

The Seafair Trophy race held at Twin Lakes in Marysville and 11 Scale Nitro Unlimited Hydros came out to race including 4 Electric Scale Unlimited Hydros. The Preliminary heats had good competition with 4 boat heats.
The consolation heat had John Stubbers with the Crazy Tomato making his first appearance for the 2017 year, along with Tyler McKeon driving Mike Cathey's Speedy Printing (Blue), Jim Putich 2014 Spirit of Qatar and Mike Cathey with the American Speedy Printing (red/yellow).
After a great battle between the two Speedy Printing boats, Mike Cathey held on to win the Consolation race and moving up to the final heat with Paul Jacksons Pete's Wicked Ale, Doug Kirk Notre Dame, Beau Rarig driving Paul Jackson's Tide, and Adam Putich making his 2017 debut with the Miss Beacon Plumbing.
The final heat had 5 boats hitting the starting line and together through the first turn and Pete's Wicked Ale from lane 2 stretched out to a lead and held on to win the 2017 Seafair Trophy race.
Thank you to the Putich's for sponsoring the race.

Atomic Cup Results

The Atomic Cup was held at Twin Lakes in Marysville and we had good competition throughout the day. The Electric Scale Unlimiteds also competed with UNW.

After the preliminary heats were completed the final heat had Paul Jackson with "Pete's Wicked Ale", Doug Kirk "Notre Dame", Mike Cathey "American Speedy Printing", and Greg Voelker "Captran Resorts". The boats lined up for the start and the Notre Dame held the inside lane and out of the first turn with Pete's Wicked Ale just to the outside of the Notre Dame and the Pete's Wicked Ale had the top end speed to pass the Notre Dame up the back stretch and never looked back. Captran Resorts took 3rd place and the Speedy Printing did not finish.

Congratulations to Paul Jackson winner of the 2017 Atomic Cup.

Glen Ono Memorial Results

Glen Ono Memorial race was held at Twin Lakes in Marysville. 9 Nitro Scale boats came to race along with the Electric Scale club and both classes battled the wind and rain but had good competition throughout the day. The nitro scale final heat winner was Kirk Maupin with the Miss Esquire, 2nd place was Mike Cathey and the American Speedy Printing Red, 3rd Place was Dane Carlson with the American Speedy Printing Blue and 4th place Greg Volker with the Captran Resorts.

Congratulations to Kirk Maupin winning the final heat of the Glen Ono memorial race.

Thunder on the Pond

The UNW 2017 Thunder on the pond race was held at Twin Lakes in Marysville and the field of 7 boats came out to brave the elements and race through showers in the morning. The race format was modified to smaller heats and this made for some close racing. The final heat had Gene Gager with the Notre Dame, Beau Rarig racing Mike Cathey's Blue American Speedy Printing and Brent Edinger with the Pride of Pay N Pak. Gene held the inside lane at the start with Beau on his hip racing for 4 laps on the last lap the Notre Dame hooked in the turn to slow down and let Beau with the American Speedy Printing to take over first place from the outside and held the lead and his first win with the American Speedy Printing.
Congratulations Beau on your first win!

The 2017 Season

UNW will be holding the first race of the season on Saturday April 1st at Twin lakes Marysville for the running of the Thunder on the Pond. Last year's winner was Joey Caines. UNW has race classes of 1/8 scale Nitro, Scale Gas Hydro, and Electric Scale. Hope to see a large field to start the season off.

Please remember to have your NAMBA insurance card with you.

UNW Boat Registrations

The Nitro and Gas Scale Hydro owner registrations for 2017 have been posted on the Downloads page.

2017 Race Schedule

The 2017 Race Schedule is set and now updated on the webpage. It is also available in .pdf form on the Downloads page. Please note that due to the reduced schedule we will be having 2 dropped races instead of 3 for the season high points title.

Gas Scale Boat Registrations

Just a reminder that Febuary 15th is fast approaching - If you plan on registering your Gas Scale this year please send the form below and payment to Doug Kirk - If you have sold your hull please make sure you send a message to the current owner so they don't lose their registration. After the February 15th deadline, all unregistered hulls will be considered open.

Stay tuned for a tentative race schedule - The plan for 2017 is to run with both UNW and RCU as we have done in the past - As soon as I can look at both clubs' confirmed schedules for 2017, we will get input from owners of registered hulls and form a plan for a 2017 race schedule.

Please contact me directly with any question you might have - Marty
  UNW Registration Form

T.I.R.A. Rookie of the Year

We'd like to congratulate UNW's own John Reifel for being the recipient of the Tacoma Inboard Racing Association's Rookie of the Year award for 2016. John is the driver of the 5 liter boat e226.

Nice work John!

1/8th Scale Electrics

The Board unanimously voted to include 1/8th scale electrics in the UNW schedule. The electrics will run in much the same vein as the 1/6th scale gas boats in that if enough show up, we will run the heats. We will not be doing registrations, tracking points or have trophy plaques at this point. David Newton has agreed to be an advisor to the UNW Board regarding the class.

The electrics will adhere to all general UNW racing rules in that the boats must have a safety inspection before competing (or if they have had a collision, radio issues or run up on the beach), driver's must have current NAMBA insurance. All UNW specifications regarding scale dimensions, paint and graphics, configuration of hulls (Canard designs are not allowed in UNW competition in any class), driver's changes and entry fees must be adhered to. All racing rules such as right of way, roostertail length to make a pass, penalties, infractions and sportsmanship shall remain in place. Boats must be on a plane at the 30 second to the start mark, and shall maintain forward momentum throughout the remainder of the heat. Boats that have stalled shall be considered DNF but may, when safe, move the boat out of the lanes of competition.

Both NAMBA and RCU spec. boats may compete.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a board member for more information